Arun Bhambhu

I am glad that I was introduced to Earthtron EV by a friend. I was looking to diversify my investment portfolio but was always concerned about volatility in the equity markets. Earthtron provides a safe investment option by way of e franchise and assured returns. It has helped me as an investor to become a… Continue reading Arun Bhambhu

Tarun Singla

Earthtron EV is a great option for people who want to invest their money and receive high returns on a monthly basis. I was looking for a place where I could invest my money in other than the commercial real estate, but didnt have any experience with investing before so this was very helpful. They… Continue reading Tarun Singla

Dr. Anika Goel

Earthtron EV solves a very real problem for people who don’t have a lot of capital but still want to invest in high-value, high-growth assets which provide consistent monthly returns. Brilliant concept, awesome team and a very interesting value proposition. All the best!

Dinesh Sharma

Earthtron EV’s deeply researched Locations offer great ROI’s, through a seamless, low friction interface that’s a delight to use and easy to track. It’s excellent returns offer a unique combination of a yield that’s unmatched by any other Investment.

Anamika Anand

I really love how simple it is to be owner and profiting from an EV station without any hassles through Earthtron EV. And they are so transparent – love it!

Rakesh Sehgal

Simplified and transparent. Earthtron EV has provided alternate solutions than FD and Mutual Funds which were not available for passive investors like me.

Rishabh Jain

I was comparing returns with commercial real estate and Earthtron EV provides higher ROI. One feedback would be to give an option to reinvest the monthly profits.

Aditya Manrai

I truly think you and your team have figured out a very interesting model and the best part is its transparent, friction-less and very simple. Great job!

Sunil Bisla

The Best alternative investment in India! l’ve taken two franchisees of Earthtron EV and their locations are impeccable. If high return fixesd monthly income is what you are searching for then Earthtron EV is your answer.