Benefits of Installing EV Charging stations in Your Office Parking Lot

Technology is changing. Every year brings with it rising demand for the revolution of electrification. By 2030, the expected sales of electric vehicles might hit 53 billion kilowatt-hours across Europe, China, and the United States. In Asia, the expected sales of EVs will hit 9.30 million vehicles in 2028. The total revenue will be around 6.42 percent, with a projected market volume of US$428.20 billion by 2028.

The EV charging station market in India will hit the highest share of the market. The expected demand for EV charging stations will hit around 26.6 percent during the predicted years. The valuation will reach 10,768.2 million USD in the forecast years of 2023.

Thus, it is evident that several countries are switching towards zero-emission. But the growing demand for electric vehicles pushes the need for EV charging stations at the most convenient locations. Electric vehicle chargers are becoming a must-have convenience for offices. Reading this article will give you an understanding of the several benefits of installing chargers in office parking spaces.

Benefits of Installing charging stations in the Office Parking Lot

When a business installs an electric vehicle charger, they aim to support a greener and make a better world. Switching to electrification can benefit the world, and these do not consume gasoline. They are free from all types of pollution, giving a cleaner environment. Electric vehicles can be charged instead with renewable energy, declining emissions. Besides greenery, there are several benefits of installing charging stations at office parking lots, and these are as follows:

1. Boost the Branding of the Company

Social responsibility is essential in increasing the brand’s reputation and brand image. It has now become one of the critical aspects that ensure success. Research by Unilever reveals that one-third of customers, i.e., thirty-three percent, are recently opting to do business with companies who believe and go for social or environmental good. Thus, companies who enable greener transport prove to all their clients and consumers that the company means business.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station in the office areas will boost the property value of the company’s real estate. The EV charging infrastructures at the workplace facilitates employees and workers. It gives a clear and visible sign of where the business stands. These indications are reducing the environmental effect of its operations and personnel. Installing electric vehicle charging stations will help every company reveal its climate commitment. They can engage their stakeholders around a thrilling new technology.

2. Generating revenue while reducing the carbon footprint

Companies can generate more source of revenue from installing charging stations for EVs. It will add to tax benefits and keep the surrounding environment clean. Electric vehicle meter chargers allow business proprietors to tailor the charging infrastructures to their business needs. It can control who pays for the charge and how much they spend on each EV charge. Office or business proprietors can earn tax credits for establishing an electric vehicle charger on-site.

Additionally, business owners can encourage other EV users to visit their charging stations and charge the EVs. It will also add a stream of revenue. Charging facilities in the business areas help brands attract loyal clients and encourage employees to drive an electric vehicle to work.

3. Future Proofing the Business

Almost every business that installs EV charging facilities or infrastructures has profited from these sources in the future. According to many researchers, it is evident that the demand and growth for electric vehicles are increasing regularly. They predict that the revolutionary switch to electrification will soon reach an unexpected scale. During the covid pandemic, it helped the EV resolution to flourish more. The sales of electric vehicles are persisting to rise at staggering rates.

It becomes an advantage for businesses that have installed charging stations in office areas in several ways. The demand for electric vehicles with charging infrastructures continues to develop. Thus, early adopters of EV charging stations will benefit the overall business with an upper hand in offering charging facilities that many of their competitors will lack.

4. Increases Customer Loyalty

Working with environmentally and socially active company businesses gives pleasure and gratitude. Around 92.1 percent of millennials regard working for such companies. They feel the importance of working with such businesses. Among these employees, 83 percent of millennials would be more devoted to a business supporting the environment.

Companies wanting to have such faithful employees can install EV charging frameworks helps keep the company’s employees pleased. Installing an EV charging station will be convenient for those who drive EVs and feel valued. It will give them satisfaction, thinking their company fulfills their needs, and in return, they will be more productive and dedicated.

5. Attracting new Employees

Businesses that are more environmentally and socially active attract more employees. These are proven reasons behind the company’s success. These companies have a different branding styles, dignity, and affordability to their customers and employees. Many employees like to work with companies that care for the environment. Establishing an electric vehicle charging station will perceive as an attractive choice to employees.

Companies implanting charging infrastructures prove that they are committed to sustainability. It will also ascertain that they encourage the company’s youth to be at the forefront of adopting new technologies. Electric vehicle chargers can also perform as an encouragement for employees to go green. There is no doubt installing an EV charger can turn into an incredible investment. In the coming decades, EVs will become the future of automobiles soon.

6. Be an Industry Leader

The revolution of electric vehicles needs specific companies and businesses to promote the new technologies which are moving forward. It will help increase the demand for EVs and keep the environment green and clean. Today, many companies are still at the corners where they can get in and become industry leaders in the electric vehicle world. Several prominent businesses have already declared bold initiatives to consolidate and eliminate their carbon footprint.

Despite this competition, there are still rooms for new companies to get in on the trend before it is too late. Over time, there will soon become a point when charging stations have become so demanding. Thus, it is better to start getting into the benefits of these opportunities. Else, companies waiting to implement the idea of EV chargers will most likely miss the brilliant chance.


Different businesses require different modes of communication with their clients and employees. Electric vehicle charging is a must-have for companies and undoubtedly brings several benefits. Companies providing more charging stations can boost the brand image, increase employee loyalty, and thus attract new employees and talents. It will ensure their concern for the environment and promote sustainability.


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