Roadmapping Your Airport EV Charging Installation

Roadmapping Your Airport EV Charging Installation

Electricity is being used to clean up airports and airlines. Transportation—cars, trucks, commercial aviation, and railroads—accounted for 29% of US greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 and 20% worldwide. The Rocky Mountain Institute says “the US transportation sector must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45% by 2030 to achieve a 1.5°C climate-aligned future.

Commercial airliners are utilising more ecologically friendly fuel as part of a larger drive to green transportation. While electric air travel will take time, light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electric ground vehicles are becoming commonplace. The US has over 4.2 million EVs, and by 2030, they will account for 40-50% of new car sales.  Airports can aid EV adoption by taking advantage of this. Airports are ideal for electrification since they handle millions of cars annually. Plan, or “roadmap,” an EV supply equipment installation at your airport.

An EV-friendly airport can be electrified easily. Choose an electric charging station franchise professional to guide airport administrators and facilities managers through the process of building a complete electric car charging infrastructure.

Evaluation of site

Preview of Ev Charging Stations EV Site Assessment Guidelines

See Ev Charging Stations’s EV Site Assessment Guidelines.

Second, meet with your EV specialist and/or electrical contractor to identify your demands and the best line of action to minimise expenses.

Airport officials should consider present and future EV demands, they say. Installing the chargers you need now and making parking spaces “EV charger ready” will prepare them for future deployments.

Your EV charging station franchise specialist or electrician will examine your EV charging requirements and assist you plan during your site evaluation. They will also try to save you money by hanging chargers on pillars or other infrastructure, situating them near a power supply, or employing smart capabilities like demand response and load control.

Electrical infrastructure enhancements

Your site inspection will also show whether your electrical infrastructure needs updating. EV charging stations usually need a circuit for each plug (though load management may enable power sharing). That means adding charging stations may need a new electrical panel, metre, or transformer. Significant energy use might need a new transformer for Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs).

Your expert will inform your team if your site needs renovations and how they will effect electricity costs.

A battery energy storage (BES) system may save money in complicated places like airports with many charges. These huge batteries enable airports to use off-peak electricity or renewable energy sources like solar panels.


Your EVSE installation may begin when you have a strategy and funds. Along with charging stations, site improvements may include concrete bases, bollards, signs, and striping.
While undertaking trenching or other site work for the present installation, it’s also important to prepare your site for future EVSE improvements as demand for EV charging surely develops. By installing “EV Ready” infrastructure, which covers all electrical infrastructure and terminates in a junction box, you may take advantage of this year’s materials and labour prices before they rise.
Ev Charging Stations Charging works with approved EVSE installations nationwide, but you may choose your chosen installer. A suggestion? Ask your Ev Charging Stations sales manager to recommend a partner.

Benefits of Ev

Airport EV charging companies are many. Ev Charging Stations, a pioneer in EV charging technology, gives airports a complete solution with the Ev Charging Stations Network and Fleet Management Portal.
Your parking managers may establish public charging prices by time of day, season, and member group using the Ev Charging Stations Network. You may provide taxi partners or staff free or reduced prices. The Ev Charging Stations Mobile App and popular EV charger locating services will list all public chargers.

The Ev Charging Stations Fleet Management Portal lets fleet managers with Ev Charging Stations Series X stations on the Ev Charging Stations Network schedule charging, get early/late plug-in alerts, and obtain a report on your organization’s EV station utilisation.


At the U.S. Travel Association’s Future of Travel Mobility conference, Ev Charging Stations President and CEO Brendan Jones remarked, ‘through partnership with other organisations, we can develop a new paradigm for sustainable travel globally’. Ev Charging Stations can help electrify an airport for EV charging, a hefty job. Ready to start? Talk to EarthtronEV team now.


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