Why Hotels Should Install Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Holidays

Why Hotels Should Install Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching, and lodging facilities are preparing to handle a surge in visitors. Additionally, folks who drive such vehicles often search for hotels that have electric car charging stations while they are on the road.  Ev charging station franchise has become more necessary in the tourism sector in recent years, particularly during the holidays. By placing electric vehicle chargers on their property, hotels may greatly improve their offerings as more and more customers switch to eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles.

These days, most hotels should have EV chargers. EV charging stations in hotels provide several advantages, particularly for destination hotels (as well as spas, resorts, B&Bs, AirBNBs, etc.) and hotels situated in downtown districts or other frequently-traveled places. It really makes sense to turn them into public EV charging stations so that others who aren’t visitors may also use them.

Since the pandemic, companies in the hotel industry who can swiftly adjust to the expanding market and grab fresh chances to draw in customers have had the most success. Currently, under 8% of charging devices in the UK are associated with hotels, and to reach the government’s target of 300,000 public EV chargepoints by 2030 – equivalent to almost five times the number of fuel pumps – a significant number of commercial chargers still need to be installed, especially in convenient ‘destination’ locations like hotels.

Why Your Hotel Should Have EV Charging Station

1. Draw in and keep more clients

Investing in electric charging station franchise for hotels might help them draw in and keep more guests, which is one of the main advantages. Offering EV charging stations can boost a hotel’s exposure within this target demographic and provide it a significant competitive edge since EV drivers are now a whole new consumer niche.

Through the seamless integration of electric charging station franchise into the total customer experience, hotels can attract and maintain high-value business travellers as well as establish themselves as the preferred lodging option for weekend getaways and business travel.

2. A fresh source of income

By charging a premium for their charging services, such as advanced booking fees, overnight costs, or quick charging fees, hotels may create a consistent and dependable new source of revenue.

Moreover, offering EV charging stations would attract new clients who come only to have their cars charged. Drivers often remain and pay for additional hotel amenities like food, drinks, or even spa treatments during the charge time.

3. Increased fidelity from staff and visitors

Workers will benefit greatly from having EV charging stations at work so they can easily charge their existing cars as the UK rushes to become net zero. Many workers will be making the intentional choice to convert to electric vehicles. Additionally, it will draw in new hires and increase employee retention and happiness, all of which may boost output, improve visitor experiences, and increase earnings for the company.

4. Financial incentives from the government

EV charging stations will soon be expected in the hospitality industry rather than just a ‘nice-to-have’, as the UK government plans to outlaw the sale of any new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. In order to alleviate financial strain and promote the extensive implementation of commercial electric vehicle infrastructure, the government has implemented rules, incentives, and subsidies that considerably lower the expenses associated with procuring, setting up, and maintaining charging stations in lodging establishments.

5. Environmental responsibilities of corporations

To minimise their carbon emissions, hotels, like any other company, have to abide by both municipal and national rules. Hotel accommodations that provide electric vehicle charging stations exhibit adherence to governmental policies by endorsing and promoting the electrification of transportation. In the future, the government may provide financial rewards to hotels that reduce their carbon emissions, such as reduced corporate emissions taxes.

In summary

Hotels may find great financial success by acquiring an EV charging station franchise, especially with the growing popularity of electric cars. The process of installing and overseeing these charging stations may be streamlined for hotels by collaborating with well-established franchises. This guarantees that the charging infrastructure complies with industry standards and laws while also saving time and money.

Travel is resumed as the holidays approach. Hotels that have EV charging stations may draw more business, promote sustainability, and draw in more visitors. In order to ensure that you have your fair share of holiday visitors coming by and spreading the holiday happiness (as well as some holiday shopping), Blink is here to help you install the appropriate EVSE. Are you prepared to begin organising your project? To speak with a sales manager, click this link.


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