Top Ten EV Charger Manufacturers in India

In India, most people are switching to electrification for more sustainability. They can experience smoother and more cost-efficient drives with electric vehicles compared to purchasing fuel for gas-powered automobiles. The Indian market of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing at a breakneck pace. Further, the encouragement of the government and companies to switch to electrification has made the business of EV charging stations available to anyone.

But to overcome the range anxieties associated with EVs, the government must meet with solutions not to hinder the EV market growth. The top EV charger manufacturers in India cater to these feasible solutions. Are you searching top leading Indian EV charger manufacturer? You found the right article.

List of Top EV Charger Manufacturers in India

  • Fortum

Since 1980, the Fortum EV business has its existence in the EV market. The business got commercialized in 2011. Its operations include electricity generation and distribution, offering highly-engineered EV charging tools for home and commercial charging. They have sales and operations in power plants and energy-related services. Fortum is a global foreign company. They focus on Northern Europe, Finland, the Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, India, and the United Kingdom. They provide multiple options such as EV DC 50/​​60 kilowatts charger and EV DC 15/20 kilowatts.

  • Magenta Group

Mumbai-based EV charger manufacturer Magenta started small. But soon, its growth turned the businesses into international names with hard work and perseverance. The expert workers and staff o the company push their limitations to a new extent to achieve innovations. Magenta has initiated the forefront of originating India’s clean energy ecosystem.

Magenta has a branch in over twenty-five major Indian cities, according to their official website, at present. They are exponentially evolving. The productive array of hi-tech ChargeGrid of Magenta can easily offer the most convenient charging measures. These highly efficient charging facilities provide uniform services to customers and EV users. Their performance is consistent for all customers.

  • ABB India

Another Indian well-chosen and first-class EV company is ABB. In global technology, this Indian company drives societal and industrial transformation toward a more sustainable and productive tomorrow. The company boosts the limits of technology by integrating software into features like electrification, automation, robotics, and motion portfolios. It helps the development to reach new levels of performance. ABB turns to an accounting infrastructure satisfying the requirements of future generations of innovative mobility. It starts from high-quality AC wall boxes to reliable DC fast-charging stations. They build a solid affinity to impressive on-demand electric bus charging technologies.

  • Tata Power EZ Charge

Mumbai is the origin of this manufacture. Tata Power EZ manufactures different AC and DC chargers to meet every customer’s need. Tata has established over three thousand public and semi-public EZ charge points all over India. The locations are in more than 450 Indian cities. According to the official website, Tata Power has an extensive EV charger network with over 23,500 home charger installations. They have established charging infrastructures of 240+ electric bus charging stations. The locations are in over twenty-five Indian states and five Union Territories.

  • Servotech Power Systems

Servotech Power Systems is one of the top electric vehicle charger manufacturers. They offer customers extensive collections of highly-engineered AC and DC chargers. New Delhi is the head office of the company. Servotech has over two decades of experience. It has expert manufacturers and workers in the electronics manufacturing field, which is continuously developing. Servotech EV offers some popular options, and the range includes 3.3 kilowatts, 7.2/11 kilowatts Type-2, 10 kW Bharat AC-001, and 14 kilowatts Hybrid.

  • The Sustainer

Sustainer provides a full range of sustainable measures for residential and commercial purposes. The manufacturer also ensures optimal and high-quality energy swapping by quickly merging EV charging infrastructures with the grid. They deal with problems like waste-to-energy (WTE). The process involves recovering valuable energy from waste to efficient power for electric vehicles. The Sustainer delivers a vast range of tried-and-true measures meeting the global demand for better. They offer more ecologically responsible solutions for sustainability.

  • Exicom Tele-Systems Limited

Gurugram-Haryana has the headquarters of Exicom in India. Over the few years, with the evolution of electric vehicles, the company got a rapidly expanding global presence. The wide charger range of Exicom contains high-quality residential and commercial charging options. The company has over twenty years of experience. They design, manufacture, and produce efficient, dependable, cost-effective power chargers. They have proactive solutions for electric vehicles, information technology, telecommunications, and renewable.

  • Volttic

In Uttar Pradesh, the EV Company Volttic established its branch. They have been evolving with innovative ideas and consistently contributing to EV charging ecosystem. They have a wide array of home & commercial charging solutions. The company has vast collections of commercial charging chargers, like fast DC chargers up to 150 kW and a 3.3 kW EV AC charger. These are helpful for home charging and commercial purpose.

  • Numocity

Numocity is a manufacturer and supplier company established in 2018. They have cutting-edge digital technologies that speed up and commercialize electric transportation. The company has launched industry-leading solutions that operationalize, monetize, and develop new customer experiences. They have robust EV charging infrastructure and battery-swapping technologies.

  • Charzer

In Karnataka, the company first initiated its branch. They established their headquarters in India, intending to meet the needs of every EV user in this country. They offer an EV AC 7.4 kW to EV DC 50 kW chargers with efficient functionalities. EV users can easily access the chargers available in leading and top cities of India. For the stated reason, EV users will never face any problems in finding a suitable charger.


Today’s world highly demands the evolution of solutions like electric vehicles for sustainability. It is the most reliable and proactive measure to transform the future of mobility. Electrification has several benefits, such as savings against costly fueling costs, a smooth driving experience, low maintenance, and many others. We have researched and listed the top ten Indian EV manufacturers in this article.