Top Ten EV Charging Station Company in India

This article delves into the dynamic world of India’s top-rated EV charging station companies that offer EV charging station dealership and franchise opportunities.

In this electric revolution, several companies are paving the way, offering cutting-edge charging technology and enticing business prospects. From ChargeUp India’s commitment to making EV charging accessible to all to GreenVolt Charging’s dedication to reliability and innovation, these companies are at the forefront of the industry.

EarthonEV, a rising star, stands out for its emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Join us on this journey as we explore the key players in India’s EV charging station sector, offering you the chance to invest in a profitable business and be an active participant in shaping a cleaner and brighter future for the nation.

India’s Top-Rated EV Charging Station Companies


  • Notable Projects:
  • Charging Stations: 
  • Number of Cities Covered: 8 Indian cities including the NCR region
  • Establishment: Established in 2017
  • Headquarters:  Faridabad, Haryana, India.
  • Website:

EarthonEV is a rising star in the Indian EV charging station industry. They stand out with their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Our smart project aims to make sustainable profits with green energy, interconnect tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities & do the installation at the right locations for convenient & anxiety-free Intercity travel for EV Owners.

On our way to electrifying Highways we have acquired lands between Delhi to Agra, Delhi to Chandigarh, Delhi to Jaipur. Soon we will setup our charging stations on every major interconnecting highway and help you to have smooth experience of journey with your Electric Vehicles.

By joining EarthonEV’s dealership or franchise program, you can become part of a dynamic and eco-conscious community actively contributing to India’s transition to electric mobility. It’s a great opportunity to invest in a brighter, cleaner future while building a profitable business.

Tata Power EZ Charge

  • Notable Projects: Tata Power EZ Charge is involved in various EV charging infrastructure projects across India, including highways, public spaces, and commercial locations.
  • Charging Stations:
    • 4,000+ public and semi-public charging points spread across India.
    • 450+ charging points covering major national and state highways.
    • Over 3,000 charging points in 450+ cities.
  • Number of Cities Covered: Over 450 cities across India.
  • Establishment: Established in 2017
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Website:

A major player in the Indian EV charging landscape, Tata Power EZ Charge, backed by the Tata Group, offers a wide network of charging stations across major cities. They are committed to providing sustainable energy solutions and promoting clean mobility.

Tata Power has installed over 3,000 public and semi-public EZ Charge points across 450+ cities in India, and over 450+ EV charging points covering all major national and state highways.

They also have a strong network of 23,500+ home charger installations and 240+ electric bus charging points.


  • Notable Projects: Statiq is involved in various EV charging infrastructure projects across India, including partnerships with public and private organizations.
  • Charging Stations: 7,000 charging stations across India
  • Number of Cities Covered: Over 63+ cities across India.
  • Establishment: Established in 2016
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • Website:

An emerging force in the EV charging space, Statiq is rapidly establishing a network of charging stations and offering user-friendly solutions for electric vehicle owners.

Statiq boasts an impressive network of over 7,000 charging stations spread across 63+ cities in India, making it the country’s largest EV charging network. They offer a variety of charging solutions, including over 425 high-speed CCS chargers, and have successfully electrified over 250 destinations. With a near-perfect 99% uptime and over 50,000 charging sessions completed, Statiq is a leader in facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility in India.

Servotech EV Infra

  • Notable Projects: Will Install 1,800 DC fast EV charging stations for BPCL
  • Charging Stations: 2400 EV charging stations across India
  • Number of States Covered: Over 21+ India States.
  • Establishment: Founded in 2021
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India.
  • Website:

Servotech EV Infra aims to become a major player in the country’s growing EV charging infrastructure market. In its initial launch of EV chargers, the company offers a wide range of products, from slow chargers (3 kW) to ultra-fast chargers (360 kW), catering to different electric vehicles like two-wheelers, cars, buses, and trucks.

The company plans to install 5,000 EV charging stations across India and has a strong presence in 21+ Indian states. Servotech EV Infra manufactures and supplies EV chargers, which allows them to control the quality and cost of their charging stations.

Fortum India

  • Notable Projects: Several solar projects in Pavagada Solar Park (Karnataka), including a 100 MW plant and a 250 MW plant.
  • Charging Stations: 450 charging stations across India
  • Number of Cities Covered: Over 16+ in India.
  • Establishment: State owned Finland company entered Indian market in 2012
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Website:

Fortum India is a key player in India’s transition towards clean energy. It boasts a significant presence in the solar power sector with a current operational capacity of 435 MW across multiple solar parks in India. The company is committed to substantial investments in the country, aiming to reach 200-400 million Euros.

Fortum India’s expertise extends beyond solar power, offering diverse energy solutions including electric vehicle charging, plant operation optimization, and emission reduction services.


  • Notable Projects: Client not disclosed
  • Charging Stations: Data now available
  • Number of Cities Covered: Data now available
  • Establishment: USA company entered Indian market in 2018
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Website:

A global leader in EV charging solutions, ChargePoint has entered the Indian market, aiming to provide its advanced technology and user-friendly platform to Indian EV users.

ChargePoint boasts an impressive network, enabling drivers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) frequently. They’ve facilitated over 206 million charges, helping drivers travel over 7.9 billion electric miles and avoiding a staggering 320 million gallons of gas in the process.

Ather Energy

  • Notable Projects: EV Charging stations within almost all municipalities in Kerala
  • Charging Stations:1000 fast-charging points
  • Number of Cities Covered: 80+ Indian citiies
  • Establishment:  Founded in 2013
  • Headquarters: Headquartered in Bangalore, India
  • Website:

Primarily known for its electric scooters, Ather Energy also operates a network of charging stations, specifically catering to its vehicles and aiming to expand its reach to other EVs in the future.

Ather Energy boasts an impressive network of over 1000 fast-charging stations spread across 80+ cities in India. They aim to further expand this network to 2500 stations.

Important developments and trends in the market for EV charging stations

India’s EV charging station industry is expanding rapidly, and many major trends and developments have developed in recent years. The following points provide further details.

Relationships between EV charger manufacturers and operators of charging stations

Several charging station providers have teamed up with EV manufacturers to install charging infrastructure throughout India. For example, Tata Power and Jaguar Land Rover have teamed to provide EV charging stations. Similarly, MG Motor and Fortum Charge & Drive have teamed to install fast-charging stations for their electric vehicles.

Utilising sustainable energy sources

Several charging station operators utilise solar energy to power their equipment. It reduces charging station carbon emissions and electricity constraints in certain areas.

Connectivity with online media

Many charging station operators are linking their stations to digital platforms to provide users real-time location and availability information. For instance, EV Motors India’s smartphone app shows customers the nearest charging station and its availability.

Extension of the infrastructure for charging in public areas

Every public parking lot and gas station in India with a space of more than 5,000 square meters is required by law to have EV charging stations installed. It is anticipated to expand the nation’s network of charging stations greatly.

In conclusion

India’s transition to electric vehicles is gaining momentum, and the need for a robust charging infrastructure is undeniable. These top-rated EV charging station companies provide dealership and franchise opportunities for individuals and businesses to participate in this eco-friendly revolution.

By working with these firms, you can grow your company and help India decrease pollution and promote sustainable mobility.


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