What is the future of EVs in India?

Indian government fully support electric vehicles and want to replace fossil fuel-based vehicles with Evs. In 2017 transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has released a statement regarding the future of electric vehicles in India. According to him, he wants to see the only electric vehicles on the Indian road by the end of 2030.

The set desired target got so much controversy but if India could able to achieve this number then it will set a benchmark for the upcoming generation. And this move will be quite effective for our environment. As per the current plan, the Indian government want to replace 30% of private cars 70% of commercial vehicle 40% of buses and 80% of two and three-wheeler with electric vehicles

The good news is, two and three wheelers are on their way to achieve the desired target set by the Indian government and according to CEEW. Hero electric India, Ola scooters are a few market leaders that have contributed to this visionary mission and launched their battery-powered scooters in the market.

The reason why the electric market will boom soon is because fuel prices are going to the moon and these fossil be faced vehicles are not good for our environment too. Utilising EV is not only save our environment but is also quite economical.

In the latest report, it was found that 17.4 million 2 wheelers and 2.7 million cars have been already sold from 2019 to 2020 as per the Society of automobile manufacturers. Ola has already pre-booked 1,00,000 scooters during to its online purchase window last month that’s more electric two vehicles than India has ever sold in a single financial year.

The Future

As per the current market interest of Indians for electric vehicles, we can say EVs has a bright future in India and soon every Indian will prefer to have their own EVs. The only challenge that India will face if they want to replace their fossil fuel-based vehicles is they should have enough charging stations that can provide instant charging facilities. Also, the Indian government should try to aware its citizen of the importance of electric vehicles and how they can beneficial for our environment.

Tesla, Already dominating the electric vehicle market has slated to enter the Indian market soon. Also, many foreign firms may arrive in India and Establish their start-up for the electric vehicle. The world will be quite different from today’s current situation and this innovation has the capacity to replace the entire network of fuel-based vehicle transportation for a better cause.


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